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Affordable automation solutions for Southern Africa

Use Homebot to manage your garden's irrigation system | disarm your alarm system remotely | control lighting with Google Home | start your coffee machine before you get out of bed | toggle lighting scenes from your phone or tablet | save money on electrical bills | save electricity by switching off outside lights after sunrise | disable irrigation if rain is forecasted | switch on your lounge lights when you arrive home | open your garage door when you arrive home | flash your desk light when you get an important email | switch off your outside lights at sunrise | control lighting with IFTTT | arm your alarm system remotely | toggle the bathroom lights when movement is sensed | control lighting with Amazon Alexa | toggle lights & appliances with Apple Workflow | control lighting with Google Assistant | switch on your outside lights at sunset | toggle your lights while you're away on holiday | switch on the aircon when you're on your way to the office.


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